Sambal Ulek - Traditional Stone Ground Chili Sauce


Sambal Ulek traditional Indonesian hot sauce all natural product produced by PT Pasti Enak in Bali Indonesia

FDA registered food production facility
PT Pasti Enak Bali Indonesia.


Sambal is used throughout south east asia as a way to flavor and spice up all types of savory foods. Our Sambal Ulek (hot sauce) is created with tradition in mind to bring the flavors of Indonesia to your dining room table or restaurant.

Heat pasteurized.
No artificial coloring flavorings or preservatives

By heat pasteurizing our sambal ulek we can be sure that we are delivering a high quality wholesome product to our customers.

Carefully designed by our corporate Chef our products consistently deliver the real taste of Indonesia!

Sambal Ulek can also be spelled Sambal Oelek which is the Dutch form of the word.


Ingredients: Chili peppers, shallots, garlic,, sugar, and natural flavorings.


Package Options:
200 ml glass bottles
1 liter vacuum sealed bags
5 kilo plastic pail
20 kilo plastic pail


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